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67 wrist-rattles for 67 minutes

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67 wrist-rattles for 67 minutes in an adoption home in South Africa

You may know that Babymoov is present in many countries in the world, and especially in South Africa. Babymoov, by our distributor's voice, joined in on helping out for Mandela's day.

For 67minutes at Princess Alice adoption home and Doors for Hope the Babymoov team delivered some light and laughter, as well as some relief for the helping ladies, to the abandoned babies of Johannesburg. We gave to two homes 67 zebra wrist rattles and ten lovenests each for the baby’s developmental skills to improve.


It is a scary thought that there are so many babies out there that have been abandoned by their parents. They are left sometimes just hours after being born and not all are found after being abandoned. These wonderful places take these babies in and take care of them from tiny until they are old enough and stable enough to be adopted. The ‘aunty’ at Doors for Hope said when we asked her how many nappies they go through “you would never believe how many nappies we go through a month and how many we change in one week.”


It’s a sad but moving experience and should be done more often to help these ladies who have donated their time and lives to helping these children. As Jo-Anne Schermeiernn, adoption home's manager, said at Princess Alice ‘‘we need to have a Mandela Month for all the people that want to help.’’


Of course, it's a drop in the ocean but we think it's important to spend little time for helping...