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How the Slim High Chair was designed?

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How the Slim High Chair was designed, the steps explained by Flore, baby care product head at Babymoov

How the Slim High Chair was designed, the steps explained by Flore, baby care product head at Babymoov

How are Babymoov products born? What are the various design stages for a product? How do our teams try to respond as well as possible to the expectations of parents and their babies?

Ideas for the production of a baby care product, from the initial idea to a complete design, a number of actors involved, including the Marketing Department, all are at the heart of a product development project. So, with the aim of describing clearly the design process for our products, Flore, Head of Baby Care Products at Babymoov has agreed to explain the various stages in product design. To illustrate, let’s take the example of a completely product: the Babymoov Slim High Chair!

Flore, could you begin by telling us why you chose to design the Slim High Chair? Where did the idea come from?

As part of its process for researching new ideas, Babymoov set up Trend Baby meetings. When we had the idea of designing a new high chair, we wanted to develop an innovative product, different form anything offered on the market at the time. So we met with mothers to share our ideas. At this meeting, several mums pointed out the first problem they met with in using a high chair: usually, this product takes up a lot of space in the parents’ kitchen. So we needed to design a product which was hyper compact and which could be neatly stowed away anywhere!

On the other hand, the mums were very clear that comfort and functionalities such as the inclination of the back, the adjustment for height and the tray adjustment were also very important factors.

Our challenge was to offer a very compact product which was flexible and with an up-to-date style.

Could you explain us the various development stages?

It took us about 2 years to develop the chair, from the initial idea to the product launch. The first stage is validating the idea, thanks to the Trend Baby meetings and a market research study which we set up. We were then able to draw up a “Brief” including all the design and technical characteristics to be developed for the high chair. For the seat, for example, several plates with different colours and designs were presented to the parents and submitted to a vote.

We then contacted the most suitable supplier for developing this product in partnership with us and launched the first prototype. Just as in every project, the first prototype needed to be modified to fit our requirements.

The project design stage then began, in other words validating the first sample for the colours and designs we had created. Once the sample had been validated, we were able to launch the first order and to offer the product to our clients, specialist stores.