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Babymoov supports the 421 team in the 13th. 4LTrophy!

Babymoov will be present this year for the 13th 4L Trophy Rally! The 4L Trophy is an Adventure Rally in which students compete at the wheel of a Renault 4L in the Moroccan desert. Young people in search of adventure experience a unique challenge combining sport, travel and solidarity.

The Course

The 4l Trophy Rally is based on obstacle and orienteering challenges. Each participation can use a compass, the road book, a map, and nothing else (no GPS!). Teams are ranked each evening. The team which has traversed the difficult sections most successfully and which has travelled the fewest kilometres whilst at the same time checking in at all the control points wins the leg for that day.

In total, the teams have to travel no less than 6000 kilometres.

The 421 team

Babymoov has decided to become a partner of Team 421, represented by our 2 super motivated friends from the Auvergne, Maëlle et Emile ! Our two students packed up sports and school supplies for deprived Moroccan children into the Renault 4L, not forgetting the Babymoov hippo who will be there to give them a hand in any difficult patch that might arise.

Although we still don’t know how they managed to fir the hippo in the 4L ...

The departure

Maëlle and Emile met up with the other competitors from the Auvergne on 17 February at 7.00 am in the Place Jaude in Clermont-Ferrand, to share the journey onwards to Bordeaux where the official departure will take place on Thursday 18 February at 12.00. We will follow the 4L Trophy Rally closely, and will keep you informed.

In addition, the Journal de 13 heures on France 2 is covering the event... you might get the chance of seeing the 4L being cheered on by hippo brand!

So the dice have been thrown for the 421 Team, so let’s wish them the best of luck!

For more information, consult the 4L Trophy Web Site!