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Have you always wanted to see the other side of a company that makes products for your baby? Then this heading is specially for you!

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Babymoov named as an “innovatory company” by Oséo

Babymoov is an “innovatory” company. Fine, great, it’s easy to say... However, it’s not us saying it, but a public organisation for supporting innovation, yes Sir! And this organisation has just granted its Oséo Label to Babymoov. The news was published recently in the Journal Innovation.

For yes, at Babymoov our Marketing, Research & Development, Design, and other Departments all innovate devoting a great deal of energy into designing new products. Just think: Babymoov introduces on average almost 30 to 40 new products a year! We will give you more information on the design process used for our products in the near future...

At Babymoov if we never forget that we are innovating for your sake, it’s also thanks to you, who share with us your experiences as parents throughout the year, whether by means of emails sent via our web site, comments you make on our Facebook page, or at Trend Baby meetings. It is thanks to you that we are able to create such innovatory, safe and efficient products, in line with your expectations. We would like to thank you.